Monday, 4 July 2011

Last minute trip to Cape Canaveral

I read this morning that the last space shuttle launch ever was happening this Friday, and since I've always wanted to see one, I decided to book a flight to Florida for a few days. I knew they were being retired, but I thought I had a few more years to get there! It'll be a historic event, and this is my last chance, so why not. I fly out early Thursday morning to Sydney, then from there to LAX, then on to Orlando, Florida, arriving at 6pm Thursday, 24 hours after I left.

The planned launch time is 11:30AM on Friday 8th their time, so about 2am Saturday morning here. The launch window is only 10 minutes long, and if they miss that, they'll try again for the next two days. The weather forecast is a bit dodgy, so hopefully the launch isn't scrubbed three times in a row! They're expecting over a million people to turn up and see it.

On Monday night I fly back the same way to arrive home Wednesday morning.

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